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Half a century after the demands for human emancipation threatened to bring down every structure and institution – something that, in the end, did not happen – the concept of freedom seems to have come to a head. For instance, when freedom of speech allows fake news or encourages a revival of xenophobia; or when free trade and capital flows contrast with restraints on personal freedoms in the name of security. Nowadays, money is freer than people.

In fact, it seems that today freedom is no longer an end but an issue. But, is it an issue for architecture as well? Considering our discipline operates through delimitation and discernment, opening possibilities while ruling out others, we certainly have a say on the subject.

The fact that the last Venice Biennale was called ‘freespace’ does not mean that the debate on the relationship between architecture and freedom is exhausted. Subjects that important require different views and more than just one single instance for their discussion. As a way to tackle our current attention deficit disorder – which leads us to change the subject matter with the same speed that we scroll down our Instagram feed – on this 101 issue of ARQ we want to resume the notion of freedom and its connections with architecture.

As usual, ARQ looks for new ideas regarding the relationship between architecture and freedom. These can take the form of projects, essays, research or criticism, as long as they follow our submission instructions. After all, to properly talk about freedom from the point of view of architecture, we have to begin by acknowledging its limits.


Research and Essays
.doc file of an extension between 2000 and 4000 words. Texts must be original (or at least they must not have been published in Spanish), and should have an academic standard.

Work and Projects
Letter size .pdf file of max 10 pages which must include: memory, floor plans, pictures, and technical data.

.doc file of an extension between 800 and 1,000 words. Texts must be original and the object of critique has to be built, opened or launched after 2015.


Open call closes on December 10th 2018
Selection announcement on January 2019


Submit your material at
Email subject: Material ARQ 101

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