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What is POP-architecture? Usually associated with negative aspects, of low quality and meaningless value, POP inevitably assumes unpredictable aspects, reasons, and understanding.

Low-quality artifacts, that appeal to the poor taste of the masses; ironic and fun approaches irreverent languages of loud colors, image, and message; what is consciously criticized but wildly adopted by masses of alternative professional; sophisticated interpretation of popular culture; meaning decrypted by the mediatic architecture; applications and repetition of memes approved by blogs and social media.

Since the appearance of personalities like Andy Warhol and Robert Venturi the POP concept changed forever; charged with artistic and contradictory meanings. It appears that everything is already or can become pop from one to another point of views.

Pop is fashionable, changeable and massive
Pop is fast to create, easy to copy and soft to digest
Pop is famous, seldom for the wrong reasons
Pop is roadside always accessible by anybody
Pop is loud and leaves a trace
Pop is attractive… I hear hypocrites raising the voice
Pop is mainstream both in wide as in tiny circles
Pop is a demand-supply eternal balance
Pop is approved, but it will be repudiated
Pop is explicit, bizarre, bright, colorful, and impressive
Pop is leading the way until it will fail
Pop is accepted and passes in the background
Pop is a punch gut
Pop is ridiculous but knows what is doing
Pop is promoted by the ones that don’t understand it
Pop is extreme… if not you’ll call it normal
Pop is selling, and the, your, niche is perishing
Pop is niche when it stops being pop
Pop is prised by quick fame
Pop is eternal, the matter is not

STUDIO#15 – POP aims to report the most compelling content to portray the complexity of the denigrated and acclaimed POP Architecture. STUDIO#15 intends to be a potential battlefield between opposite and contradictory factions defining and criticizing what is and what is not pop.


STUDIO© is accepting proposals for its forthcoming issue POP

Contributions may be submitted in different forms – essays, photographic essay, illustrations, data visualizations, case studies and projects, interviews, comic strips and even novels – exploring the issue in any field of design: architecture, urbanism, art, photography, graphic design, film… etc.

STAGE 01 (Abstract) – September 30th 2018
– Contributors are asked to send a 200-word abstract about the proposal.
– The abstract must be written in English.
– Maximum size of the submission (image included if present): 2MB

STAGE 02 (Final Piece) – October 20th 2018
– Selected contributors are asked to send the final piece, following the guidelines below:

– Essays, interviews and novels should not exceed 3.000 words maximum.
– All texts have to be submitted digitally in Microsoft Word (.doc).
– The piece must be written both in English and in the Original language.

– Photographic essays, illustrations, projects…etc. should be sent with a 500 words maximum description.
– All images have to be submitted full color (CMYK), in either JPEG or TIFF format (300 ppi, 18×25 cm)
– All drawings have to be submitted full color, in PDF format.
– For every image/graphic include illustration source, name of photographer/artist and the authorization of copyright holder.

– A short biography of the author/s (max. 50 words).

Without these simple requirements you won’t be published.


STAGE 01: September 30th 2018
STAGE 02: October 20th 2018
PUBLICATION: November 2018

All submissions via e-mail to:

Go to the official call

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