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EPHEMERAL from Greek εφήμερος – [ephemeros], literally “lasting only one day”

Cities are the by-product of layers, resulted by a perpetual metamorphosis. Privates, authorities and institutions construct short actions for an immediate use with a wish of durability for the future. The mix of mutable, seasonal, eventful and nomadic actions in relation with sudden freedom, constrictions, tolerant rules or urgent necessities, makes the city as we know it. Architecture, as intended, might be cyclical or barely exist only for a season, weekend or for a day. In this framework, actions generating the urban environment are distant from being eternal but they only consist of an evanescent fraction of the existence of our cities.

Ever-lasting architecture can only be understood as a momentary, instantaneous practice, induced by pre-fabrication, high or low technology, immaterial, virtual or even fake. Every element of the city suddenly appears light, interchangeable, movable, and undeniably, fragile.

EPHEMERAL city is the city itself.

STUDIO#12 – EPHEMERAL seeks to examine the intricate matter typically left behind by leading architectural theory and debate.

How do we evaluate the lifespan of design? How to face the constraints and possibilities? How EPHEMERAL might shift to permanent and how permanent could shift to EPHEMERAL? What are the conquests of EPHEMERAL architecture and urbanism for our legacy? Can the elements of cities reflect permanency or EPHEMERALity? Which are the tangible and immaterial dimensions of EPHEMERAL? How is technology shaping EPHEMERAL architecture? What does society consider EPHEMERAL artifacts?

The rising significance along with the acceleration of changes of urban dynamics pushes forward the consideration of the transition from models of permanence to the establishment and necessity of the EPHEMERAL theory of architecture.


We are accepting proposals for our forthcoming issue EPHEMERAL
Contributions may be submitted in different forms – essays, photographic essay, illustrations, data visualizations, case studies and projects, interviews, comic strips and even novels – exploring the issue in any field of design: architecture, urbanism, art, photography, graphic design, film… etc.

STAGE 01 (Abstract) – MArch 20th 2017
– Contributors are asked to send a 200-word abstract about the proposal.
– The abstract must be written in English
– Maximum size of the submission (image included if present): 2MB

STAGE 02 (Final Piece) – April 20th 2017
– Selected contributors are asked to send the final piece, following the guidelines below:

– Essays, interviews and novels should not exceed 3.000 words maximum.
– All texts have to be submitted digitally in Microsoft Word (.doc).
– The piece must be written both in English and in the Original language.

– Photographic essays, illustrations, projects…etc. should be sent with a 500 words maximum description.
– All images have to be submitted full color (CMYK), in either JPEG or TIFF format (300 ppi, 18×25 cm)
– All drawings have to be submitted full color, in PDF format.
– For every image/graphic include illustration source, name of photographer/artist and the authorization of copyright holder.

– A short biography of the author/s (max. 50 words)


All submissions via e-mail to:
STAGE 01: March 20th, 2017
STAGE 02: April 20th, 2017

Read the official call on STUDIO

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