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Indechs_Peter-Fischli-David-Weiss-How-to-Work-Better-1991c-Peter-Fischli-David-WeissFischli/Weiss, How to work better (1991)

Education is probably the most influential moment in an architect’s career, when the beginning of a creative identity emerges and starts pointing out to particular interests and fields of exploration that will constitute, later on in a professional journey, the specificity of every practice. Despite the fact that the process of learning clearly does not end with the conclusion of the studies, the first impulse is launched during those university years and will drive the continuous future learning process.

Architectural education provides tools. Drawing, writing, model making, photography and filming are some of the tools that the architect might use throughout his professional life to represent projects, to materialize his/her ideas.

In his trilogy “Homo Faber” (from which the two first volumes have been written1,2), Richard Sennett deals with the relation of Man to things, seeing Man as a maker, a crafter. How can Man relate to a physical world of made things and what are the tools and skills needed to materialize this relation? The philosophical background of this question is not negligible: can we even think or name one thing without having experienced it physically? Can the thinking, the idea of an object appear before its physical existence?

HOW TO LEARN BETTER, the first issue of CARTHA’s The Form of Form cycle, aims at exploring how an architect is, or can be, educated. What are the milestones of the architect’s learning process? What are the skills he or she must develop? And how can these skills and tools acquired during the architect’s education, influence his/hers relation to form?

As an answer to this question, CARTHA and Bureau A invite you to submit a poster, inspired by the art piece of Fischli and Weiss HOW TO WORK BETTER. This poster will serve as an educational tool and will set the necessary steps for an architect’s formation addressing these questions through a pictorial approach.

Issue I will be published in May 2016.

Deadline for submission of proposals: 25.04.2016. Accepted proposals will then be prepared for publishing by the author, the editorial board and the guest editors Bureau A.

The poster has to be hand written, drawn or a collage. It should then be scanned and digitally sent to:

The poster has to fit within an A3 format. (2339 x 3307px at 200dpi)

An accompanying text should be provided. It can be written in the form of a Haiku3 or a to-do-list, or a list, or a series of words or sentences. The text must be written in English.

CARTHA does not buy intellectual property rights for the material appearing in the magazine. We suggest contributors to publish their work under Creative Commons licenses.

Further questions:

Download the official call in PDF.

1. Richard Sennett, Together. The Rituals, Pleasures and Politics of cooperation. Yale University Press (March 26, 2013).
2. Richard Sennett, The Craftman, Yale University Press; 1st edition (March 31, 2009).

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