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Movement, transformation, speed and noise deeply characterize our cities and our lives and seem to represent new values for contemporary society.

The Pause is the crystallization of a moment, a temporary stop out of time and space, where you can listen to the sound of silence.
It’s necessary to find spaces, that allow to “push the Pause button”, to have instants to breathe and reflect, that mark the rhythm of the city inspiring inner or collective pauses.
At the conclusion of this Pause, at the end of a silence, everything can happen: play, fast forward, rewind.

Is it possible to suspend time and space and take a Pause in the contemporary city? Are there spaces where man can find the Pause? What are the features of such kind of architectures and spaces?

STUDIO#08 – PAUSE wants to investigate how much urban contemporary spaces are capable to offer places where to suspend pressing city-time, giving the possibility to find a “urban pause”, when men can live and meditate the city.

Submission Guidelines
The call for papers defines the field of interest of an issue and produces a context in which to situate contributions.
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ABSTRACT: February 25th 2015
FINAL PIECE: March 20th 2015
All submissions via e-mail:

STUDIO is a magazine about the contemporary urban condition.
It’s a seasonal independent journal edited and directed by Romolo Calabrese together with RRC studio architects. It’s based in Milan, but its reach is global.
It addresses issues involving the urban context, its strategies and its developments.

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