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LIBRARY ILLUSTRAZIONI is a cultural association born with the aim of promoting graphic research in Architecture, stimulating its cultural production up to the limits of the discipline.

At this critical moment in time, LIBRARY is promoting a special edition of CFAD to support the WHO (World Health Organization) in response to the Covid-19 pandemic through the “Solidarity Response Fund”.

The United Nations Foundation and the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation have created the Solidarity fund in support of WHO and partners to help countries prevent, detect and manage the new coronavirus, especially those where the needs are greatest.

For more information, please visit the website novel-coronavirus-2019/donate

Limitography: manifesto di una architettura estroversa

Streets and squares seem to have become a devastating declaration of suffering, a cry for help and at the same time an admission of guilt. Frightening static, immutability without alternatives.

At the twilight of the society of spectacle, when all the spotlights are turned off and the collective space dissolves, when the sounds, noises and smells fade, an immense concrete landscape remains.

The architecture of the exhibition, of the vain bigness, becomes sad, alone.

A place where the absence of the city almost coincides with its essence.

If the public space has emptied, the private one has filled up, saturated. The city entered the room disruptive.

Humanity’s activities, needs and ambitions are conveyed within a single, limited and circumscribed space, bringing out that type of “hortus conclusus” (from the Latin “closed garden”) borrowed from the monastic tradition. Place of work, leisure, sport, education, culture, prayer, nourishment, rest.
Place of life and death.

As a result, the “limen”, intended as a separation de- vice, and border, assumes multiple and unexpected meanings, and becomes unstable and often fluid. The dematerialization of the border actually produces those radical changes in which geographical, social and functional boundaries are rapidly fading and the greatest manifestation of a renewed urban sociality takes hold.

With the light of technology, humanity has been able to create a new conformation of the city, where the most intimate of spaces, in the virtual world, is exposed.

The mapping of the city has different paradigms: the connections and the shares are manifold. Our intimate space becomes public.

The age-old paradigmatic dichotomy between collective and individual is undermined and subverted at the root, giving rise to a new form of urban life and social geography. The facades of the buildings become the new squares, places where public and private life merge and merge.

Losing its limit, the border between public and private, what role does Architecture play? And vice versa, what form does the limit take in Architecture?

Call for Architecture Drawings

“Call for Architecture Drawings” is a contest that focuses its attention on graphic research, through reflections and themes from current issues, literature, cinema, philosophy and other disciplines in dialogue with Architecture.

Each participant is invited to produce an illustration aimed at representing a thought, or reflection on the main theme.

These illustrations must not be characterised by the common features of architectural drawings. Instead, applicants must bring with them a deep graphic research which aims to investigate the limits of the classical representation on the ridge of Architectural discipline.


3 images + 1 text
Send to in a compres- sed folder renamed: “CFAD20_codiceID_project title”

• 1 main image
.jpg at 300dpi
maximum size 30cm per side file name: codiceID_image01

• 2 supplementary images .jpg at 300dpi
maximum size 30cm per side file name1: codeID_image02 file name2: codeID_image03

• 1 text
.pdf A4 size (maximum 750 characters) project description in English or Italian file name: codiceID_text


– 26/03/2020 h 12.00 GMT registration opening
– 26/04/2020 h 23.59 GMT registration closing
– 04/05/2020 h 12.00 GMT delivery deadline
– 05/05/2020 jury meeting
– 10/05/2020 / 15/05/2020 publication of results


– 1st PRIZE
50% of the registration fee *
publication in the CFAD20 brochure
publication on social media and on the website

publication within the CFAD20 brochure publication on social media and on the website

publication within the CFAD20 brochure publication on social media and on the website

publication on social media and on the website

*First place prize will be paid in purchase voucher expendable on Amazon; 50% will be donated to the WHO; All proceeds from registration are to be understood as net of the costs of event management and organisation.


Download the complete call

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