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In nowadays hyperconnected world, the debate on architecture has no more a clear position, a trend, a name perhaps, but it is made up of a wide range of opinions, voices and topics.

While Academia is losing its role of leading actor in the architectural debate and sometimes remains tied to the issues of the discipline, the web and the social media make possible to hear different personal contributions at the same time and become a powerful platform as a public arena where to discuss architecture.

It is here where a new actor shows up: THE INFLUENCER. The time when the word had a silly meaning is over. The influencer is now a recognized figure: furniture companies choose them for their advertising campaigns, big magazines makes special issues and ranking on this topic, etc.

Having thousands of followers on Ig means having a responsibility. The role played by the most popular instagram accounts is everyday more influential in shaping future architects too.

Call for Submissions

Malapartecafé is now asking you – who are these influencers? Is the influencer a new actor of the contemporary debate as well? Tell us about an Ig profile you consider an Influencer – and explain us why and how his/her praxis has influenced you.

Submission deadline: 1st of August, 2019


Each proposal should consist of: a short text AND/OR  image/graphic AND/OR video.  

TEXT: Body text should be 2500 words or less (not including title, author, image credits, etc.), and submitted in the form of editable word documents (.doc).

IMAGES: All images must be submitted digitally in .png or .jpeg formats, in RGB, 1080x1080pixel and 300dpi. GRAPHICS: All vector graphics must be submitted digitally both in .ai and .jpeg formats, in RGB, size  1080x1080pixel, in 300dpi and with the font used included in the file package.

VIDEO: All video must be submitted in .mov and .mp4, 1:1,min. 640 x 640 pixel, max 60 sec, max 30fps, maximum acceptable size of the file is 1GB 


It is the author’s responsibility to supply accurate information for the credits and captions. If necessary, please contact the appropriate artists, photographers,  and/or renderers to confirm image ownership and secure publication rights.

Remember to tell us a short bio and your Ig profile to be tagged.
Files should be named according to the following format: surname_title_sequence
All materials should be submitted per email or WeTransfer to
Selected works will be posted on our feed.

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