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First International Congress in Architectural Communication | Madrid | 17th, 18th and 19th of May, 2017

Architecture is no longer just a product of design and construction but also a vehicle of a social action. Communication and mediation are key to this process. The role of architects has to do more with interdisciplinary teamwork than with authorship. The first International Congress in Architectural Communication (COCA-17) created by the Master of Architectural Communication (MaCA), seeks to create common spaces between multiple disciplines and social agents. In order to introduce the function of mediation and communication in architecture, the activities of this Congress will focus on forming a network of mutual knowledge exchange among participants, selected projects and invited guests. COCA-17 is directed at the general public, the academy, the professional sector and public entities interested in the field of communication and new mediating practices.


Instrumental MediActions: #software #tools #platforms #prototypes
– Pedagogical MediActions: #experimental #disruptive #innovation #methodology #strategies
Urban MediActions: #belonging #inclusion #identity #commons
Media MediActions: #diffusion #spread #persuasion #viral
Other MediActions: #utopia #alternative #increase #desire

Allowed formats:

Papers: written document related to a research work, innovation, case studies, experience.
Graphics: projects, posters, diagrams, cartographies, photography or other contents of research.
Videos: free technique, stories and contents related to Congress’ field that best express themselves in this format.
Actions: workshops and performances that are innovative, formative, expressive.
Others: other formats, original, fantastic, imaginative.

Receipt of Abstracts: 10th of January, 2017

The Congress will take place on the 17th, 18th and 19th of May, 2017 in Madrid. The main headquarter will be the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid, located in Ciudad Universitaria. La Arquería of Nuevos Ministerios will host the main exhibition. There will be other physical and virtual places distributed in the city where different activities will be developed that will be part of the Congress’s tour.

Go to the official congress website.

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