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The Power of the Skin. New Materiality in Contemporary Architectural Design

COMPAC The Surfaces Company and ARKRIT (Group of Architectural Research at the School of Architecture of Madrid) launch this call for papers in a joint research project that studies the theoretical and practical framework generated around the use of new coating materials and how they are influencing these innovations in contemporary architectural production.

The aim for this call for papers is the publication of a Research Book containing the articles of the researchers that have properly dealt with the proposed research topic: The architectonic implications and architectural transformations of coating through new materiality in contemporary design.

The publication will have an international registration number (ISBN) and the articles will be published both in English and Spanish. The authors will be paid with the amount of 150€ (169.092 USD) per article selected.

Authors are invited to submit an abstract of 300 words before February 17th 2016 (new deadline) at 23:59 to the following email address:

All abstracts received will pass through a blind peer evaluation. According to the two reports of the reviewers, the Scientific Committee will invite authors to submit a complete document. That will be reviewed by the Committee for its possible publication.

For more information check the official call for papers on ARKRIT website.

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