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Tourette journal offers winning applicants the opportunity to curate one issue of the journal and contribute to the all-too-contemporary quest for relevancy within architectural discourse. At a time of collective and disciplinary crisis, in which architecture is looking outside of itself in order to redefine its boundaries, WIDEOPEN looks for intriguing questions rather than easy answers, challenging doubts rather than soothing certainties. WIDEOPEN challenges issues of authoriality within the discipline by soliciting a collective effort and foregrounding participation. The first issue of the journal, gathering the collection of accepted calls, will read as a crowd sourced manifesto of contemporary architecture. The whole structure of the journal will revolve around this first issue, expanding it and implementing its scope.

Submitted call for papers will deal with one of the following macrothemes/tagwords, expanding it, stretching it and counterrubbing it in any way possible. The tagwords are intended to cover some significant moments in the process of design, but are intentionally ambiguous so as to encourage the most diverse interpretations of them:

. PROPHECY (Tourette #1)
. ACTORS (Tourette #2)
. REPRESENTATION (Tourette #3)
. MATTER (Tourette #4)
. MACHINE (Tourette #5)
. FATE (Tourette #6)

May 2014: Call for Calls
22nd June: Submission deadline
29th June: notification of acceptance
August 2014: Tourette#0: WideOpen issue release

All the info in the official Call for Calls.

Tourette is a journal on the project of architecture founded by three PhD students at Politecnico di Torino (Andrea Alberto Dutto, Valeria Federighi and Maria Paola Repellino). Tourette is supported by some of the faculty at Politecnico but does not reflect the Politecnico’s views or those of any of its affiliates. Tourette thrives on independence from academic constraints and disciplinary canons.

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