University of Genoa | San Rocco summer school


Genoa, August 28–September 6, 2013

San Rocco Summer School (SRSS) is about architecture.
We will teach you to design buildings by making drawings, copying precedents and talking about corner solutions.
The teachers of SRSS are the members of the San Rocco editorial board and some of their friends and colleagues. You will find a list of them below. Each teacher will participate for two days, taking over the work developed by the colleagues that preceded him in the days before. It is the students who will provide the SRSS with consistency, being the only constant.
The building to be designed is the new mosque of Genoa.
A jury will evaluate the final projects.

Faculty of Architecture, University of Genoa, Stradone S. Agostino 37, 16123 Genoa, Italy

SRSS Coordinators
Vittorio Pizzigoni, Valter Scelsi (University of Genoa)
Paolo Carpi, Giovanni Piovene (San Rocco)

Anne Holtrop
Ido Avissar (LIST)
Kersten Geers (Office KGDVS)
Matteo Ghidoni (Salottobuono)
Matteo Costanzo (2A+P/A)
Giovanni Piovene (PioveneFabi)
Oliver Thill (Atelier Kempe Thill)
Paolo Carpi (Baukuh)
Valter Scelsi (University of Genoa)
Vittorio Pizzigoni (University of Genoa)
Wonne Ickx (Productora)

With contributions by
Andrea Zanderigo (Baukuh)
Carmen Andriani (University of Pescara)
Franz Prati (University of Genoa)
Massimiliano Giberti (University of Genoa)
Giovanni Galli (University of Genoa)
Pier Paolo Tamburelli (Baukuh)

SRSS is open to up to 44 participants, who will be selected from among university students, graduates and practicing professionals.
4 scholarships will be provided for the students of University of Genoa.

Applicants are requested to send a PDF file (made of two A4, portrait) comprising a CV and a presentation of their work in whatever form they prefer, making sure to include the following mandatory information: name, surname, date of birth, educational background, email address. Please send a file here named “name_surname.pdf“. The maximum file size is 4 Mb.

Applications must be submitted no later than 12:00 on June 10.
Applicants chosen for participating and a ranking of possible substitutes will be communicated June 14.
Selected applicants wishing to participate must communicate their acceptance and pay their fees by June 21.

School only: € 500,00
School + Accommodation: € 700,00


Application Form


Participants must bring their own laptop computer. WLAN will be available.


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