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New Generations is an international platform analysing the work of some of the most innovative emerging architects in the European territory. So far, more than 300 emerging practices and more than 500 other experts have been involved in its cultural agenda, including festivals, video-interviews, satellite research projects, exhibitions, publications and other public events.

In January 2020, New Generations will launch a new online media platform that will provide a complete and daily coverage of the practices of a network of 300+ European studios. It will host permanent categories and also special contents related to temporary topics that interrogate specific aspects of emerging architectural production.

If you are a European emerging practice and you would like to be published in the platform, fill in the form before December 8th. The media project will host all kinds of built production: buildings, installations, interiors, public spaces, landscape projects, etc. Applicants may submit more than one project. Selected participants will be contacted before December 15th.

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