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dpr-barcelona launches its first Writing Grant. As part of Future Architecture Call for Ideas dpr-barcelona is inviting writers to join Future Architecture exploration of the worlds, landscapes and realities faced by emerging practices shaping future urban environments.

You will be invited to join Future Architecture Creative Exchange in Ljubljana in February 2019 and get a grant of 3,000 euros to write a short story (from 12,000 up to 15,000 words) featuring the work of six emergent creatives responding to the FA platform Open Call. Rather than a descriptive oeuvre dpr-barcelona is seeking for new stories, myths and fictions. Applications from young writers are especially welcome.

Writers’ applications will be reviewed and selected by dpr-barcelona. All applications will be published on the website of the Future Architecture platform. Additionally, all entries will be also seen and judged by the Future Architecture board of members, the Future Architecture alumni, and members of the public by way of online voting, thus increasing the possibilities to engage in other activities organized by Future Architecture platform members.

The book contents will be delivered in instalments which will be published in form of blog posts in from June to August 2019. The book will be published in printed form by October 2019 and will be also featured It will be accompanied by a brief bio and statement from the author fitting the book in the context of the overall publishing project.

Please fill your application and short bio following Future Architecture Open Call form, stating in the subtitle: FINAL_FINAL | First dpr-barcelona Writing Grant.

Application deadline: 7th January 2019

Go to the official call

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