The(Un)RealShit – Building It Up

stings | davide tommaso ferrando

The(Un)RealShit – Building It Up from Davide Tommaso Ferrando on Vimeo.

The(Un)RealShit is an ongoing investigation on current practices of architecture marketing based on video communication. Recurring to video editing as critical tool, The(Un)RealShit aims at unveiling some of the new ways in which architectural ideology is being constructed and disseminated through the web.

The first video, “Building It Up”, explores one of the loci amoeni of this recent film genre: the self-constructing architecture. Like in a fantasy movie, buildings magically rise from the ground and assemble themselves in spectacular and effortless ways. No sweat or blood are spilled for their realisation. Economic, political and environmental issues are voluntarily obliterated: there’s no struggle behind these sculptural objects. Once their complexities and contradictions are expelled, architectures can assume the nature of pure commodities.

Watch all the original videos of The(Un)RealShit’s growing archive.

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