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building modern africa

This thematic issue of the Journal of Architectural Education focuses on architecture and urbanism in Africa since the early nineteenth century. JAE 68:2 will explore the processes of modernization that have shaped the continent and their reflection in the built environment. 

Essays might investigate increasing levels of political engagement and issues of social identity in the built environment, offer nuanced considerations of colonial and post-colonial design, or posit new theoretical approaches to understanding the built environment in Africa. They may include discussions of trans-national and trans-continental cultural exchanges, comparative studies of urban planning techniques, examinations of experimental building technologies, case studies of sustainable development projects, close readings of theoretical statements, and critical translations of canonical texts. Articles will be chosen to reflect the geographical, ethnic, linguistic and religious diversity of Africa. 

Essays submitted under the Scholarship of Design rubric may be historical, theoretical or critical in nature, and can focus on any time period over the last two centuries. Comparative studies are particularly welcome, as are works that approach historical subject matter with innovative methodological frameworks. Design as Scholarship articles may discuss built or speculative projects that engage the exigencies of their contemporary context critically. The editors are especially interested in work that offers new models for design as a mode of research. Opinion essays and reviews will be solicited.

Our goal is that the JAE theme issue, Building Modern Africa, will comprise a valuable and unique contribution to the fields of architectural education, design, and architectural history, and will become a standard reference for faculty, scholars and students.

The submission deadline for all manuscripts for this theme issue is March 01, 2014, 5 pm US Eastern Time Zone. Accepted articles will be published in issue 68:2 (October 2014). For author instructions please consult the submission guidelines.

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