MOTOElastico [Simone Carena | Marco Bruno]

<<The pursue of happiness is a “moto” (physical or interior motion), while “elastic motion” is a stubborn and silly A-B-A trip. The return home to A, after the stretch towards B, provides a plethora of dynamic viewpoints, generating a confusional state of discovery; A and B explain relativity while motion introduces quantum mechanics:

to be at the right place at the right time is mono,

to be at the wrong place at the right time is stereo,

to be at another place in the right time is MOTO.

We are statistically aiming at MOTO.>>

Based at the most controversial frontier of Asia, few miles from oblivion, MOTOElastico is the best Italian architecture office in Korea.

Simone Carena and Marco Bruno graduated from the Torino Polytechnic University and received the master degree from Los Angeles’ SCI-arc. In the beginning of the new millennium they moved to Seoul, but they still visit and build in Piemonte with the native SUPERvision of Cesario Carena.

The “moto elastico” bounces between the Italian and Korean know-how and know-why, between design and construction, investment and profit, dream and reality, learning and sharing, tradition and innovation, technological development and environmental sensibility. Each MOTOElastico project is carefully developed in order to produce unique landmarks deeply rooted in the “superlocal” culture.

The studio activity, powered by 1.844 cc [848 + 996], runs along the academic research developed at IDAS-Hongik University and GSA-Konkuk University.


  • nome > MOTOElastico [Simone Carena | Marco Bruno]
  • indirizzo Korea > Jongno-Gu 5ga 398-19, floor 4, 110-836, Seoul
  • indirizzo Italia > via Camporelle 50, 10020, Cambiano, Torino
  • telefono > +82.02.542.9298
  • mail >
  • web >

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