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A few kilometers far from San Marco’s bell tower in Venice emerges the small and fascinating island of Poveglia. Despite its area extent and beauty, which mark the difference with the other lagoon islands, over the last years Poveglia has gone through a disastrous decline. Without any connection to the mainland, abandoned for almost 50 years, today in Poveglia a thick vegetation has grown wild affecting every cultivation and crushing every architecture.

But this situation will soon change, as the Italian Government – the owner of the estate – has lately put a spotlight on Poveglia, in order to make a reuse of the island possible.

In the wake of this purpose, YAC – Young Architects Competitions launches University Island, a design contest to transform the island of Poveglia into a university campus; a place of training, leisure and relax for the many students gathering in Venice.

How to transform a desert island into a spearheading study and research center? What architecture should be integrated in one of the most delightful locations in the Venetian Lagoon in order to create an international campus worthy of one of the most stunning cities in the world?

Starting from these questions, YAC, with the support of RIAM, lays the foundations for University Island inviting all the designers to envision a new future for Poveglia, composed by activities, good attendance and the vitality of thousands of students who every year choose Venice as a location for their studies.

13.03.16 Early Bird registration (75€+VAT per team)
11.05.16 Standard registration (100€+VAT per team)
08.06.16 Late registration (150€+VAT per team)
15.06.16 Material submission deadline
20.06.16 Jury summoning
29.07.16 Results announcement
05.09.16 Award ceremony and exhibition

1st Prize (10.000€ + publication + exhibition + 1 year subscription to Casabella)
2nd Prize (4000€ + publication + exhibition + 1 year subscription to Casabella)
3rd Prize (2000€ + publication + exhibition + 1 year subscription to Casabella)
4 gold mentions (1000€ + publication + exhibition + 1 year subscription to Casabella)
10 honorable mentions (publication + exhibition + 1 year subscription to Casabella)
30 finalists (publication + exhibition + 1 year subscription to Casabella)

Competitors can be students, graduated, freelance architects, designers or artists
Competitors can join the competition both individually and in team
Teams must have at least one team member between 18 and 35 years old
Teams can be composed by any number of team members
Team members can belong to different countries and universities

All the info in the official website of the competition

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