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Log 35 is an open issue.

Log accepts unsolicited submissions of previously unpublished work, including, but not limited to, writings, drawings, and photos.

Manuscripts must be submitted electronically to log@anycorp.com. Please announce your submission in the subject line.

Please submit manuscripts as .doc or .docx files with proper supporting apparatus (image credits, captions, and endnotes). Length of essays may vary, essays over 5000 words are rarely accepted. You must include a short bio with your submission including contact info. While Log editorial staff works with authors to refine submitted papers, it is requested that all submitted essays be carefully edited and as complete as possible (with all necessary supporting material provided, as above). Please consult The Chicago Manual of Style for appropriate stylistic standards for text and footnotes. Provide illustrations and images in low resolution format.

Observations are 100–300 words with one large image (1/4- to 1/2-page).

Submission Deadline: May 25, 2015.

Go to the official call page.

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