Antrophology of Complexity PhD Summer School



ANTHROPOLOGY OF COMPLEXITY is an international PhD summer school that addresses human-made phenomena such as social systems, territories and cities, and social constructs from the perspective of complexity approaches. It is an interdisciplinary platform organized by EPFL-Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne and ETHZ-Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich.

During four days, participants, teachers and lecturers present, discuss and challenge how they conceive and implement the notion of complexity in their research work. Together, they question the emergence of the notion and its application across disciplines. Topics concerned range from product design to language, aesthetics, infrastructures, planning, religious and moral beliefs, historical narratives, globalization, and the production of social and physical space. Each day is organized around one guest lecturer with whom participants engage directly and who provides direct feed-back on participants’ working papers.

The Summer School relies on an active engagement, participatory activities and critical thinking to emulate novel considerations over the notion of complexity. International and external participants are housed on-site so that living proximity stimulates more exchanges. The Summer School takes place at EPFL-Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne main campus on the shores of Lake Geneva.

At the end of the summer school, student should be able define how they conceive and implement the notion of complexity in their research work; engage in academic discussion over it; and master the main concepts related to complexity theory as applied so social and human sciences, architecture, planning and engineering.

PhD candidates who wish to paticipate to the Summer School must submit a 300 words abstract, pay the fees and submit their working paper before the deadlines.

Abstract submission deadline: May 1st.

All info in the summer school official page.

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