Genoa Summer School 2


genoa summer school 2

Genoa Summer School – 2nd edition
The second edition of the Genoa Summer School will run thanks to the financial contribution of the EU Community that will cover the costs for both the teachers and the students involved. There will be fourteen teachers from different European universities, who will alternate in the teaching. This year’s topic is the renovation of the former psychiatric hospitals of Genoa, one in Quarto dei Mille, one in Prato Zanino. The students will design their new buildings inside these developments of the 19th Century. Four (4) ECTS points will be available. A jury will evaluate the final projects.

The Genoa Summer School will start on Monday July the 21st and end on Saturday August the 2nd. Students must arrive in Genoa on Sunday July the 20th and leave from Genoa on Sunday August the 3rd.

DSA, Scuola Politecnica, University of Genoa, Stradone S. Agostino, 37 – 16123, Genoa, Italy

Vittorio Pizzigoni, Valter Scelsi

Ido Avissar (ÈNSAV – Versailles)
Nicola Braghieri (EPFL – Lausanne)
Cherubino Gambardella (Federico II – Napoli)
Andrea Gritti (Politecnico – Milano)
Andreas Lechner (TU – Graz)
Cédric Libert (ÈNSAV – Versailles)
Enric Massip Bosch (ETSAB – Lausanne)
Morten Meldgaard (Royal Academy – København)
Enrico Molteni (USI – Mendrisio)
Thomas Padmanabhan (ETH – Zürich)
Vittorio Pizzigoni (Scuola Politecnica – Genova)
Franz Prati (Scuola Politecnica – Genova)
Valter Scelsi (Scuola Politecnica – Genova)
Andrea Zanderigo (EPFL – Lausanne)

With the contribution of
Maria Carla Filauro, Stefano Graziani, Anna Positano, Cosimo Schinaia (additional contributors will be defined soon).

GSS 2 is open to 42 students enrolled in an university of Europe. The selection is open both to university students, master students and PhD students. A minimum of five students will be selected from the University of Genoa.

Applicants are requested to send a PDF file (made of two A4, portrait format) with a CV and a presentation of their work in whatever form they prefer, making sure to include the following mandatory information: name, surname, date of birth, educational background, email address, telephone number. Please send a file named “name_surname.pdf” to . The maximum file size is 4 Mb.

Applications must be submitted no later than 12:00 AM on February the 28th. The applicants selected for participation and a list of possible substitutes will be communicated by March the 5th. The selected applicants wishing to participate must confirm their acceptance and buy the round-trip ticket by March the 14th.

GSS IS FOR FREE, as it is totally financed by the EU-Community. For each student it will be provided a basic accommodation for free in a shared bedroom. Travel expenses will be reimbursed up to a maximum of 270 euro per person and in accordance with the Country of origin. The tickets will be reimbursed only if the arrival date in Genoa is July the 20th and the departure date from Genoa is August the 3rd.



Participants must bring their own laptop computer. Prints are available at low price. WLAN will be ensured.


Summer School Website

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