MATERIA + CONSTRUCTION: 2+2=4 open lectures!

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In the context of the summer design workshop “UNPLUGGED”, part of the program of the Festival “Architettura in Città” 2012, Zeroundicipiù presents two double thematic lectures, held by four exceptional speakers/architects, who will present a selection of their projects, analyzing them through the lens of the assigned theme:

Monday, 18th of June: “MATERIA”, with Grainne Hassett (Hassett-Ducatez, Dublino) and Antonio Ravalli (Ferrara).

Tuesday, 19th of June: “CONSTRUCTION”, with René van Zuuk (Almere) and Simone Sfriso (tamassociati, Venezia).

Both lectures, starting at 18:30 and taking place inside the spaces of the Arcata 23, right side of the Murazzi del Po, Torino, are sponsored by Fantoni Group and Mozzone Building System.

The entrance is free.


  • place > Arcata 23
  • address > lato destro dei Murazzi del Po, Torino
  • date > lunedì 18 e martedì 19 giugno 2012
  • hour > 18.30 – 20.00
  • sponsor > Fantoni Group, Mozzone Building System

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