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4-9 June 2018 / São Jorge cinema / Lisbon

The International Film Festival ARQUITETURAS will be back in June 2019 in a new venue, the São Jorge cinema in Lisbon, with new activities that open discussions about our daily life and built environment through the exhibition of films, conferences, master classes, workshops, and guided tours. The open call for films and thesis presentations is open until 15th December. The competition sections include 4 awards – Experimental, Documentary, Fiction and New Talents best film, highlighting in this edition the prize for best academic work on the relationship between cinema and architecture.

The theme chosen to represent this seventh edition is Human Nature.

The space in which we find ourselves – physically, conceptually, even ontologically – is becoming increasingly unstable. The same goes for the current political, scientific and planetary atmospheres. The stories of “civilization” and “nature” intersect, but how can we persist in the face of the great transformations we witness every day? Critical thinking agents who align politics with issues of planning, organization, design of the physical space and creation of environments are, at this juncture, key actors.

Although architecture has a recognized place within broad sociopolitical and cultural systems, until recently it was not recognized as part of Earth’s geology, despite being a strong geological agent, unearthing, mobilizing, transforming and transporting earth, water, air, and energy in unimaginable ways.

In its seventh edition, the International Film Festival ARQUITETURAS will investigate and discuss the transformations that have been triggered by human and natural factors by presenting films that portray the current state of human nature: the rebirth of the collectivist paradigm, increasing approaches to sustainability, refugees and migration crisis, design and racism in the colonialist sphere, gender issues, circular economy and the advances of science (VR / AR / AI) are some of the themes that the Open Call intends to identify. The program will be curated by the festival artistic director Sofia Mourato and architect/curator André Costa together with the selection committee.

The curators call on all national and international creators to submit films and academic abstracts to be presented during the festival.

Send your films via the platforms Filmfestivalife and/or Filmfreeway.

Send your abstract (max.250 words) ideas

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