Theoretical assumptions of architecture



This Excellence Course investigates the possible relationships among the philosophical theories with design disciplines, trying to measure the effects of the first on the cultural horizon of the latter, in particular by analysing what were the operational outcome in the praxis of architectural design.

The issues that the Course will deal with concern the verification of the orders of correspondence between the logic of the theoretical positions with the complexity of the real and materials effects, in the writing as in the construction of architecture, in the identification of interactions between theoretical propositions and authorial intentions with the effects produced, up to the definition of the distinction between a possible fruitful interdependence between philosophical theory and design among orders of influence, of legitimation, of manipulation. A verification made possible especially through the examination of criteria of coherence and analogy between the theoretical dimension with compositional and performative dimensions of the architectural discipline.

In this analytically perspective of the relationships between architectural and philosophical practices, the lectures will be accompanied by some of these questions: what is the nature of the theoretical assumptions of the project, objective and universal or subjective, conventional and historically defined? That essence concerns contemporary architecture or architecture tout court? Have we to address with architectural theory or rather with design theory? What are the purposes and the mandates of the architectural design and what is the specific extent of his knowledge? How the theories of architectural design gain their legitimacy, from which cultural conventions and by which actors and agents? What is the substance of the architectural design? What are the ingredients and how they take effect? What relationships are documentable among intentions and effects? What is the relationship between architectural design and the truth and, therefore, the design of architecture is falsifiable?

April 21
Thinking Architecture
Philosophy, Architecture, Design
Discussants: Giovanni Durbiano, Andrea Canclini

May 26
Architecture in a Philosophical Perspective
Steven Holl and Radical Empirical Phenomenology
Discussants: Alessandro Armando, Andrea Canclini

June 04
Vulnerable Architectures
Jacques Derrida and Judith Butler
Discussants: Francesco Vitale, Alessandro Armando

June 05
Lost in translation
From Philosophy to Architecture: Deconstruction
Discussants: Giovanna Borradori, Giovanni Durbiano

June 10
Architecture and Paradigm
The project as Intellectual Operation
Discussants: Giovanna Borradori, Alessandro Armando

Giovanni Durbiano
Sergio Pace
Alessandro Armando
Andrea Canclini

Sala della Caccia
Castello del Valentino
Viale Mattioli 39, Torino
from h. 10:00

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