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The word “Biennale” refers to a wide range of activities and events, much wider than the one we normally expect, as Italian architects. Obviously we mainly think at the Biennale di Architettura in Venice, and for some reasons it is not so strange. The Biennale di Venezia was the first event worldwide to be called Biennale; after many years of activity, architecture was included instituting the most prestigious event in the world in its domain.

Since the Biennale was born in 1895 a lot of institutions have inherited its name due to its wide success. It happened because it is no more a mere show; in fact, it has become a model for all people interested in discussing an argument, not only Architecture. After the first few Biennali a sort of trademark was set up, but in the last years, linked to the phenomenon of Biennale’s sprawl around the world, it is more relevant the idea behind the event: the possibility, in a lot of different ways, to display and discuss various matters.

So, Biennale’s boundaries were extended, changing names, places, arguments, people involved. The events are also enriched with new points of view, involving art and human science for example, putting together the contribution of each of these disciplines.

Burrasca is pleased to receive submissions that investigate Biennale under this slant, embracing the large number of matters included in it.

  • The birth and the growth of the Biennale di Architettura in Venice to figure out where all started and how.
  • The new Biennali: it is an opportunity to learn about some of these events, getting to know all their features and their cultural substances. Finally it would be interesting to understand better this global sprawl phenomenon of Biennale’s core.
  • The connections between every single event and its time’s society, economy, culture are also interesting for us, just to understand how Architecture is able, through the events we spoke about before, to establish a relationship with reality.
  • The interaction between the Biennale’s places and spaces and the people who live around or the ones who come to visit the exhibition; how cities and lives can change according to a big event.

Burrasca encourages inventive and original contributions from every person even independent thinkers and people not related with academic environments. Burrasca uses the ISSN codification.

ABSTRACT — deadline 20/11/2014
submit 100 words which better describe the matter whose you want to speak about and the kind of material that you will produce; add also 5 keywords and your short bio in 25 words.

Email to submissions@burrasca.eu

SUBMISSION — deadline 20/12/2014
We accept 2 kinds of contributions: essays or graphics.
If your submission is an essay, you have to write maximum 1300 words; we prefer a really simple and plain style and for all decisions we will refer to the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition. Please attach also minimum 3 CMYK images.

If you think at a graphic submission, like a photoessay, illustrations, etc, please consider a maximum field of 4 A4 pages and contact us for additional information.

Burrasca’s board encourages the submission of any kind of inventive material.

Find all the info in the official call.

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