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The Grappasutra lifestyle

It depends if you have a candid mind or not, but designing unconventional positions for a lounge can be considered a spiritual task. As the Kamasutra is designed for spiritual purposes also Grappa, the most famous Italian “spirit”, can provide moments of clarity. The way people sit and relax vary in the world and for us, being now half Asian and half Italian, it was very interesting to mix these positions in a new cocktail of lifestyle called Grappasutra.

Grappa is a lounge, not Italian, not Korean: the space suggests the positions with its curves and, as a carpet, provides a gentle wrapping to the customers’ moods. We like the traditional platforms we can experience n traditional Korean restaurants, but our western bodies start complaining after 20 minutes. In our lounge you can adjust your limbs in various ways whether you are an elastic Asian bambino or a stiff Italian harabuji [grandpa, like grandpa Simpson]. You can lay down to watch a slide projection or sit up for a western style date. Wherever you are there will be a curvy wooden plane that wraps you up into a human kimpap.

One single stormy gray wooden element provides all the necessary interior design functions.

Bench in front of the western style tables; Back Rest for both levels; Traditional Korean Platform with build-in kitchen and bar 75 cm above the level of the floor; Photo Studio background on the vertical wall: back-lid Counter-Ceiling; dropping Lighting Sign Board close to the window; double height Counter for both customers and staff; Panoramic Frame for the bar and the back window view. The element’s path continues over the counter and becomes a lighting system, using three original custom-designed Otto Lamps. At the entrance, a lighting Carpet Wall welcomes the customers and connects the inside with the outside area.

The Grappasutra was so effective that our client, few months after she experienced this new lifestyle, gave birth to a wonderful baby daughter.



  • progetto > ELASTICO [Simone Carena, Stefano Pujatti] + Marco Bruno
  • localizzazione > 364-17, Seokyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul (Korea)
  • tipologia >interni | ristorazione
  • superficie > 130 mq
  • cronologia > 2003
  • crediti fotografici > Lee Ki Hwan

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